Experience & Creativity


Charles has a Bachelors of Industrial Design (BID) from Pratt Institute in New York and studied Contemporary Furniture Design and Construction at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. He also completed extensive courses in Transportation Design and Automotive Design Engineering at Art Center of California, and studied Fine Furniture Design and Construction with Waters and Acland in England. He is trained to use cutting edge and advanced techniques in both the design and construction process. His aim is to become 1% better with each project, and his goal is to increase the quality of life by some measure for those where his furniture designs reside.


Our Process


DesignCreativeCo uses both modern machinery and finely tuned precision versions of our ancestor’s unplugged hand tools. This combination allows him to reach close tolerances while also incorporating the higher quality and almost forgotten furniture construction techniques of the past. We push ourselves, however we are realists and understand our limitations. Whether discussed during the design process or not, visual aesthetics, tactility and user interaction are considered throughout the design and construction of each piece. Growth is our joy. It brings us pleasure to add something of quality to your home. We are thankful to work with you.


Our Mission or Vision


We strive to work with good business ethics and principles, with open communication and transparency with our clients.

We aim to make products and/or product lines that facilitate a connection to nature, to our living environments, to ourselves and to each other. Furthermore, we believe good furniture and product design can facilitate connection and increase quality of life. The value does not lie within the products that we produce, but rather/or more-so the people that use them.